"Courageous care partners recharge with self-care, striving for peaceful pinnacles
in patience, persistence, and positive 
changes, knowing when to conquer and when to comfort."


What happens when that moment arrives, and you find yourself a caregiver? The questions, the fears, the disruptions...wondering what becomes of ME? Eileen Adler is an incredible woman who is a caregiver, author, teacher, designer and has written Courage Care Partners: Revise, Rewire, Refine: Recharge While Mastering the Art of Self-care for CaregiversI met Eileen five years ago while working on a project with her for Breast Cancer survivors. Eileen designed and distributed knitted, soft, comfortable prosthesis for Mastectomy survivors. I witnessed her never-ending determination to make it perfect. Eileen is intelligent, articulate, empathic and has that special gift of understanding when something more is needed. Eileen’s husband, Marty, has Parkinson’s Disease; she is the caregiver and no matter the obstacles she experiences each day, she always smiles and takes care of the tasks at hand. I often wonder how she manages and now realize...it's this book! I realize that all the time, effort and research that has been lovingly poured into this book has helped her, and as always, will help others.   
 – Arlene Stiebler-Shaposhnick

I have known Eileen Adler for many years.  We immediately “clicked” when I first met her as a student in one of her knitting classes.  Since then our connections as knitters, mothers, designers, and authors grew and deepened into a meaningful, treasured friendship.  One thing you must know about Eileen is that she is a wellspring of generosity in every way.  This book grew out of her wanting to help others with the kinds of challenges and struggles of caregiving that she has experienced herself during the last several years.  Learning to cope with the hardships of caregiving as she has, she now seeks to reach out to overwhelmed, tired, and lonely caregivers with quotes, stories, recipes, and knitting patterns meant to soothe and inspire.  I feel lucky and deeply grateful to have Eileen as my friend.  I know that you will feel lucky, too, as you read her book and find that she is your friend, too!  
 – Linda Hart, Author of Closely Knit and designer of the “Weaverly Scarf”

Eileen Adler is a formidable reservoir of knitting information, techniques, and workarounds. I first met her through a group of friends, who recommended I join them at a class she taught. It was a wonderful experience interrupted by her retirement from teaching after my first two semesters. Her presentation style was intelligent, fun, funny and deeply knowledgeable. Her lectures were very well organized and thoroughly researched. She dealt easily with knitters of all personalities and skills. We had a ton of fun.

With her husband’s caregiving needs increasing, early retirement seemed like the best option for her enabling her to be more available to his needs. Since her “retirement” I’ve gotten to know her even better as a member of a weekly knitting group which she attends when she can. Despite her broad knowledge, she is quite modest and makes suggestions only if requested. BUT we all bring her our difficult problems to solve, whether they are correcting mistakes, advising on patterns or yarn, consulting on colors, debating various cast-on and cast-off techniques or recommending resources. I’ve been impressed with her creativity in designing sweaters and other garments, and her nuggets of advice will stay with me forever.  She is a real treasure trove of knitting knowledge and I look forward to reading her new book because I know her knowledge as a care partner is also expansive.       
– M.E. Whitlock Fithian, M.D.

For a number of years, Eileen and I have participated in a Parkinson’s support group. She has shared her struggles and insights as she continues to cope with her husband‘s illness. She has many suggestions on how to make this journey tolerable. Eileen is very realistic - she does not “sugarcoat” anything.  Her book is a valuable resource for Parkinson’s patients' caregivers as well as their families.
  – Eric Marcus, MD, Psychiatry

I met Eileen through a PD Support Group. As a newcomer, I had noticed her right away as she was knitting during the meeting. I could not help but feel drawn to her. I have been to several of her knitting circle classes and found her to be an inspiring teacher and a kind mentor. I am always happy to see her and feel her infectious passion for the craft of knitting and her role as a care partner. Her book will be a great catalyst for spreading the joy of knitting and caring with a purpose.  
Marina Kahn, care partner


Eileen Adler was a strong and supportive friend to me when I took on the role of caregiver.  Her guidance is intelligent, insightful and, most importantly, heartfelt.
-Debby Kremsdorf


Eileen Adler is an expert, expert knitter who shares her ideas generously with everyone.  She is a dedicated teacher and her contribution to the knitting world is to be commended.  
– Colleen Davis, co-founder of the San Diego North County Knitting Guild

Eileen Adler is a longtime friend and teacher in my life. Eileen is a born teacher and researcher. Eileen's researching is far and wide, filled with amazing information from all over the world. Eileen is a magnificent teacher. I have been in her classroom, with sixty women, all ages, and you can hear a pin drop. Eileen's Mastering Art in the realm of knitting, teaching sixty women to focus and concentrate as we students knew we were in the presence of greatness. Eileen also has this personality filled with wit and fun, that over the years, we all keep wanting more of her. 

 – Maggie Whitson, President San Diego Knitting Guild

Eileen Adler has a genuine natural strength. She is compassionate, resourceful, and adaptable. Eileen is a patient, selfless listener. We have been friends for many years. I am so proud of her.  
Mary Jane Dellara

Eileen Adler has been my friend and my teacher for many years, and I feel honored to know her. She has always shown such kindness and patience for those learning the art of knitting, at which she is a master. She developed quite a following of women in San Diego who were eager to learn from her the many ways in which knitting is a lot more than knit, purl, and garter stitch. Any time a student came to her with a problem, she would study the stitches until she saw a solution. She was the “knit whisperer”! She applies the same “creative problem solving” skills to her role as caregiver. Her resourcefulness is a gift for those who rely on her for comfort and care.      

Eileen Adler’s keen devotion to writing her book for care partners, which I’ve been watching develop from the sidelines for a few years, is awe-inspiring, and I know the collection of essays will provide readers with much to ponder and find strength in, as well as provide pure enjoyment. Eileen Adler’s vision encompasses the needs of a beginner knitter while also providing challenges and insider tips to the more advanced one. She has years of experience teaching large classrooms of knitters of all levels (which is where I first encountered her teaching), and she is also the first one we in San Diego turn to for one-on-one assistance with any project. Eileen always has an idea on how to fix a problem or develop a design, or turn existing knit into something brand new, and she’s always encouraging to those who seek her advice. She has brought our little knitting community together in ways that were once unimaginable, and I predict her special magic will seep through these pages her book.
– Nancy Lerer

From the very first meeting of Eileen's knitting group, I have been in awe of her ability to teach and help any and every knitter who would appear.  Her faithful following is enormous!  
– Martha


When I started to take up knitting again, I was directed to take a knitting course that Eileen was teaching at one of the local community colleges.  Individuals ranged from beyond basic to incredibly advanced, and Eileen managed to give us all knitting tips and details that we could all use.  At the same time, she encouraged us all to "show and tell" our work so that we could learn and appreciate from each other.  Spending time in class with Eileen is a treasure because she genuinely reaches out to everyone and elevates us all whether we are knitting together or individually.  She manages to empower us all, and when you walk out after a session of her class, you feel you can do so much more and take on the challenge of other kinds of knitting!!      
– JC


Eileen is an amazing teacher. I've been knitting for many years. I learned more taking 5 classes from Eileen than I have in all the years I've been knitting. She is creative, flexible and patient. I loved learning from her!  
 – Susan Wais


When I wanted to learn to knit, I contacted a knitting store and received a couple of recommendations for knitting teachers. Eileen was one of them. Lucky for me the others who were recommended weren't available at the time and I hooked up with Eileen. After I met her the first time, I knew that it was karma that the others weren't available as Eileen was definitely the "Best Choice" for me. She was patient, knowledgeable and best of all friendly and fun! I could tell from the beginning that she would be there for every question, mistake (and there are lots of mistakes in knitting) and new stitches and patterns. Eileen is amazing as a teacher, knitting guru, and friend.
Becky M.