"Courageous care partners recharge with self-care, striving for peaceful pinnacles
in patience, persistence, and positive 
changes, knowing when to conquer and when to comfort."



Labor Day

Sep 07, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Labor Day is the first Monday in September honoring our laborers and workers

Ending August on a bright spot. Elizabeth Murray

Aug 31, 2020 by Eileen Adler

Elizabeth Murray – Painting “Bop” explains that “finding resolution after struggling, was the highlight of being an artist” or a care partner.

The Green Sweater

Aug 28, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Our memories come and go, sometimes unaware of why, at this moment, something is remembered from long ago that was forgotten or hidden away.

Just do it!

Aug 21, 2020 by Eileen Adler
“Hidden Brain” is a weekly podcast on NPR/kpbs, that explores questions that lie at the very heart of a complex and changing society,” is hosted by Shankar Vedantam, a social science correspondent. The episode on December 30, 2019 featured Wendy Wood, a professor of psychology and business at the University of Southern California and the author of Good Habits, Bad Habits: The Science Of Making Positive Changes That Stick.

Healthy Living

Aug 14, 2020 by Eileen Adler

Healthy Living – healthy aging. If you are gifted with longevity, celebrate it. Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

Think PINK! with Krista Suh

Aug 07, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Krista Suh, a Hollywood screenwriter whose inspired creation of a bright pink “pussy hat” became a symbol of the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, believes that the revolution is really about “women helping each other.” Krista Suh teaches us to trust our instincts, for they are important.

Rowing a canoe with a banana. Life can feel like this sometimes.

Jul 31, 2020 by Eileen Adler

At the moment you are told of a diagnosis, the beginnings of coping with worried anticipation, there is a bend in your river of life when you hear the words; your canoe isn’t going anywhere you planned; a banana won’t work in this situation. You hunt for answers anywhere you can.  

I’ll have the blue plate special

Jul 20, 2020 by Eileen Adler
The blue-plate special arrived with the 1929 Stock Market crash resulting in the Depression because it was difficult to “dine on a dime.” The blue-plate special featured a meat course, vegetables, bread, and a drink and was very inexpensive often served on a divided dinner plate, much like those found in TV frozen dinners beginning in the 1950s.

An odd place to ply your craft.

Jul 17, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Multi-tasking is defined as being actively engaged in several jobs concurrently, at the same time. Is this possible? Depends on what the tasks are.

“I was working inside a system that was not built for me.”

Jul 12, 2020 by Eileen Adler
“I was working inside a system that was not built for me." A lot of people can recognize a problem, look at it and complain about it, but not everybody is going to do something about it.

Tomorrow is July 4th

Jul 03, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Tomorrow may be a perfect day to begin a new tradition

Daughter-hood Circles

Jun 26, 2020 by Eileen Adler
Daughterhood Circles, founded by Anne Tumlinson, are in more than twenty states across the country and Canada.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Jun 19, 2020 by Eileen Adler

“It seems to me that the only way one can be helpful is to extend one’s hand to someone else involuntarily, and without ever knowing how useful this will be,” the brilliant words from a man named Rilke. Was he writing this for me, a care partner?

The "Crookedest Street"

Jun 12, 2020 by Eileen Adler

 The “Crookedest Street” may symbolize our journey! The speed limit on this street is five miles per hour but how do we slow ourselves down? Is there a street sign for us to follow?


The Five Love Languages

Jun 05, 2020 by Eileen Adler

The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman was published in 2015, but his exploration began in the 1990s decoding the way we express and would like to receive love, how this love makes us feel on an emotional level, and looking for validation in ways that are meaningful to us. Share with your partners how each of you would like to be validated – yes, you can choose more than one!

It’s up to us to choose.

May 29, 2020 by Eileen Adler
The Choice – our choice might be the opportunity to select what we need to maintain our self-care.

Here’s the scoop on hidden costs of caregiving.

May 22, 2020 by Eileen Adler

Tax Day, April 15th has come and gone . . . but the expenses don’t go away when you are caring for someone. Care partners provide home visits, dispense medication, shop, feed, groom, do laundry, provide an escort service, companionship, and many more activities. I think we are worth a full-time salary equal to those with advanced degrees; for what it is worth . . . I’m just saying.

“Inside the ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.

May 15, 2020 by Eileen Adler

“Inside the ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.”


“Every day is different, and some days are better than others, but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it.

The 'Knitting Lady' Is a Surgeon and She's Paying Attention! Or is she?

May 08, 2020 by Eileen Adler
It happened in August 2019 in Australia, but it could have happened anywhere. This lady was plying her craft during a meeting! The audacity! The impudence! The chutzpah! Was she even listening? She wasn’t knitting but rather crocheting but that’s not the point.

May Day

May 01, 2020 by Eileen Adler

May 1 – May Day - If you find yourself losing patience or recognize that someone you know is being treated unfairly, please secure help. Yes, there are days when you feel more sensitive.