"Courageous care partners recharge with self-care, striving for peaceful pinnacles
in patience, persistence, and positive 
changes, knowing when to conquer and when to comfort."

It is April Fool’s Day, but this is not a trick.

Apr 01, 2024 by Eileen Adler

When we have nothing to do, we might twiddle our thumbs or fingers to pass the time. Although not authentically twiddling, it is often used as an idiom: “I’m just twiddling my thumbs while I’m waiting.”


As a care receiver starts on the journey with dementia or some form of cognitive impairment, they often need something to keep their hands busy. Twiddle Muff to the rescue! A Twiddle Muff not only provides interesting items and colors, but it also provides warmth and comfort and sensory stimulation. Now is a great time to gather all those stashed odds and ends of acrylic yarn, different sized knitting needles or crochet hooks, or fabric you thought you might use some day. Your day has come!

To follow an exact pattern, go to these web sites.

Knitted Twiddle Muff here: 


Crocheted Twiddle Muff:


Sewn Twiddle Muff:



Purchased Twiddle Muffs are available on Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Alzheimer’s Store.   

Life Lesson:  Your care receiver will enjoy hours of activity, but what about you, the care partner? Learning new things or embellishing what we know is good for us too. Dementia is complex, and the best strategy to prevent or delay it may turn out to be a combination of measures, including staying mentally active. Lots of activities can help keep your mind active, including reading, playing board games, crafting, or taking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, working, or volunteering, and socializing.