"Courageous care partners recharge with self-care, striving for peaceful pinnacles
in patience, persistence, and positive 
changes, knowing when to conquer and when to comfort."

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 27, 2023 by Eileen Adler

The ‘magic bullet’ is a scientific concept developed by a German Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich in 1907. Using his creative approach, he thought it might be possible to eradicate disease killing bacteria with a “magic bullet.” The German name, Zauberkugel (Ehrlich’s term for an ideal therapeutic agent) refers to an old German myth about a bullet that cannot miss its target. This creative approach would kill only the organism targeted.

Paul Ehrlich, the founder of chemotherapy, received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. His 'magic bullet' theory in the fight against human diseases inspired scientists to devise powerful molecular cancer therapeutics. Although not a ‘magic bullet,’ today we have targeted therapy, “sometimes called precision medicine or personalized medicine. This is because they are made to exactly target specific changes or substances in cancer cells, and these targets can be different even when people have the same type of cancer. Finding a specific target makes matching patients with treatment more precise or personalized,” the American Cancer Society explained.


If there is no ‘magic bullet,’ what is there?
Adaptive grit and solutions found in your own experience, education, or training.
No one size fits all when caring for a loved one.


Life Lesson: As your journey continues, know that there are targeted solutions to your specific needs. “If you know one person with a disease, you know one person with that disease.” One size does not fit all.

Next month, many holidays will be celebrated around the world. Often, they include some form of light during the shortest and darkest days of the year. Let the light shine on you as you navigate the holiday season finding new ways to adapt to all the changes in your life. Not a ‘magic bullet’ but a targeted solution.