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Jul 17, 2023 by Eileen Adler
“I’m so tired,” I often exclaim but I began to wonder if there were differences connecting fatigue and tiredness and exhaustion.

Turns out there is a big difference.  

            Fatigue differs in that you feel like your wagon is dragging, a boulder being pulled along behind you. Your get-up-an-go is gone!

Exhaustion is troublesome because it’s not about needing a nap. In fact, often when you are so exhausted you can’t sleep! You might want to check your sleep hygiene: limit caffeine, maintain a regular sleep regimen, settle down before bedtime by turning off all your appliances, eat a lighter dinner so you aren’t feeling full, and limit liquids several hours before bedtime.   

Employing more physical exercise during the day will help. Take a deeper dive into your diet – you are what you eat. Seek medical care if the problem is making it difficult to live the life you deserve. There are medical conditions that present with feeling fatigue, tired, or exhausted so do check those out.

            Dr. Karin Olson, faculty of nursing at the University of Alberta has created better distinctions for tiredness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

  • If you are tired, you may find a bit more energy to finish out the day but realize, you may also feel forgetful or short-tempered. Get some sleep! 
  • If you are fatigued, your symptoms may encompass difficulty concentrating, anxiety, less stamina, difficult sleeping, and even sensitivity to light. You might find that you are losing interest in activities that once brought you enjoyment – might feel like work instead of enjoyment.
  • Exhaustion is akin to emotional numbness, a greater sense of less energy, difficulty staying awake, a more exaggerated response to socializing – it’s easier to just stay home. It may feel that no amount of sleep is curative.



Life Lesson: My big aha was to do something regularly that brought me joy, nothing big or flamboyant, something that brought a sense of calm, including music, reading, crafting, writing, knitting . . .  


What self-care rituals are you using?

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